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Dear Sirs:


Kapap System Krav Maga is a franchise that involves contracts and professionalism. There is a simple but membership in a professional manner to achieve two main goals we have for Mr. A and real hard training, and financial dependence that both seek.


Today the name Krav Maga for you, seeing the product itself that is the defense system in the world and looking for more Kapap is still something else and the field of urban survival in the modern world.


See and read our franchise agreement that brings you all the information, note that your questions will be glad to clarify them.





The system is divided into 10 levels of student:

- Level 1 Basic

- Level 2 Basic

- Basic Level 3 (last 6 months)


- Medium Level 1

- Medium Level 2

- Medium Level 3 (last 6 months)


- Level 1 Avanzado

- Level 2 Avanzado

- Level 3 Avanzado (last 8 months)


- Instructor training.


3 level of instructor.


- Instructor Level A.

- Instructor Level B.

- Instructor Level C.




1. Kapap basic


2. Kapap practice


3. Kapap instructors


4. Kapap women




Kapap basic:


This course is designed for those who want to acquire the skills of self defense and martial arts. The course is designed for men, women, teens and children. It provides self-defense skills against potential threats can be found in everyday life and is adapted to almost any place (street, house and car).


Kapap practice:


The course is designed primarily for those who have learned and gained some kind of self-defense skills and are interested in advancing and perfecting these skills. This course will update the trainee knowledge and skills and will cause your level of defense and combat capabilities better and more effective. A course at this level is particularly suitable for security guards, VIP protection personnel, police and soldiers. The course includes practical shooting gun (aged 18)



Kapap Instructor:


This course is primarily designed for those who are interested in instructing Kapap in various configurations.


The course is divided into three levels


Level A: basic level


Level B: Advanced level


Level C: Level of proficiency


Level A:


This is the basic course, designed for the level of black belt of all combat systems and styles. The emphasis of this course will be in Kapap unique style. Trainees will learn combat tactics and combat techniques in different situations and constantly changing.


Level B:


This is the advanced level designed for those who have passed level one and are over the age of 18 years. The emphasis in this course will be able to fight advanced, as well as the use of cold weapons and gun shooting practice. In addition, VIP protection basics of military combat and will be taught.



Level C:


This is the highest stage in Kapap instructors' course, and is intended only for those who successfully passed the training phases one and two. The emphasis at this stage is the final refinement of the instructor Kapap. This phase focuses on implementation of practical shooting gun, shooting guns, driving operational survival under desert conditions, topography and field training. This course will take place only on Israeli territory.




For comparison and to allow the public to assess and evaluate the professional level and join one of the instructors of the courses:


A level is appropriate level of Dan 03/01


Level B is appropriate at the level of Dan 05/03


Level C is appropriate in level of Dan 08/05


All trainees receive a certificate from the International Kapap.


Any club or organization wishing to become a member and Kapap Franchisee will be granted a certificate of international representation and recognition.



Kapap women:


The program is built Kapap women from a wide variety of techniques of self defense simple and effective that any woman can put to use in time of need. Kapap is a great and simple tool that enables women to cope with any physical threat anywhere. At work, on the street, the house and the car either as driver or passenger.



Contrato Kapap I.K.K.M.A.
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